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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Re-install Win 7.

I started re-installing Win 7 Friday night, September 13, 2013, at around 1800 hours. The old installation was an upgrade from XP, and lasted almost two years. It worked one day, and the next it was trashed. Would not repair, due to a missing file. I ordered an OEM version and it arrived Wednesday. It was installed on a clean hard drive, and after installation I downloaded some utility programs, and anti virus. I installed Firefox as I don't trust IE. Finished up around 2100 hours, and decided to go ahead and install Linux Mint 14 alongside Win 7. It installed in about 12 minutes and once again I installed some of my favorite programs, and finished up around 2200 hours. I forgot to mention that Linux is my main operating system, windows is for games only. Well, I just got shut down, by windows, for updates. Thank goodness Google saves periodically. Just another example of a poor operating system. Anyway, Saturday morning around 0930 hours, I decided to check windows and run a program called Advanced System Care. The program started and all of a sudden windows shuts down. I restart the computer, select windows, and it fails to boot. I try one time with the same results. I put in the win 7 disk and run repair, and when it finishes I restart windows and it boots up this time. This system has been installed a little over 12 hours, and already has to be repaired. This is completely unacceptable. In my opinion windows is the MOST useless fragment of fecal material on the face of planet Earth. Thanks to Windows 98, I tried out Linux back in 2001, and as it got easier to use I found myself using it more and more for my real work, and only using windows for games. I mean lets face it windows plays a mean game of solitaire. I do a lot of video processing and I need a reliable efficient machine. I can't trust windows to this task. My machine is home built. I am using an MSI motherboard, AMD 8120, 8 core processor, Nvidia one gig video card, 8 gig DDR3 memory, 500 gig Seagate HD. I did have a 128 gig SSD, but it got to where it didn't want to boot. In the event I continue to have problems with win 7, I will remove the partition and destroy the installation disk. Life is too short to put with useless crap like windows.

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