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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Carol's accident.

Carol has been fighting cancer since 2009. She was diagnosed in April of 09 with a lump in her left knee. She had a full knee replacement in May, and they told her if it came back it would hit the lung. A year later it did. She had the lower lobe removed, and then went 3 years cancer free. It came back in both lungs. One nodule was on the outside of the lung and the other spot was deep inside. They removed the on on the outside, and did radiation on the deep one. Then it showed up in her spine in 2014 in two places. They radiated one of them but the other messed up her stomach. Then in February of 2015 she tripped on an area rug and hurt her left knee, went to the doctor and he said there was a hairline fracture just below the glue joint of her implant. Told her to stay off of it. It never got better, just continued to get worse. Finally in may we went to the ER and they did scans up past the knee and discovered she had a fractured hip. They took her to Baylor Dallas by ambulance and she had a partial hip replacement. about a month later her right leg got to hurting her so bad she had to go back to Baylor Dallas and they put a gamma nail in her right hip. I had developed a habit of praying for her every night, while laying in bed. One night I told God that he had put us together and would he please not separate us. I immediately felt my entire body get extremely warm, and I felt a calmness I had never felt before. I don't know if I heard the words or saw them, but the message was that everything was going to be okay. Now, I don't know what it means, but It's in God's hands. I still pray for her, but there is no worry, because God is taking care of us. I really don't know what I would do without God. Carol passed away on November 27,2015, and on December 3, 2015 I went to bed but could not sleep. Her passing really tore me up. I got up and was upgrading a laptop and reading Dr. Charles Stanley's book of daily devotions for December. I got to one titled, " Peace Beyond Comprehension", all of a sudden I felt like something was lifted from my body. I now know what God meant when He said, " "Everything is going to be okay".

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Windows 8.1

Our church uses a Sony HDR CX-430 video camera to record the services. I download the MP4 files to the computer in our sound booth. I then transfer them to a flash drive and bring them home to process and upload to our website. I built a special computer to do this. I run an MSI military class mobo, an AMD 8350 8 core processor, 16 gig of DDR3, and an Nvidia 2 gig video card. Plus I have cable internet, which is probably 20 to 30 times faster than our Verizon DSL connection at church. The camera records in 2 gig segments, which means after it records 2 gig it starts a new movie. Our preacher runs long, most of the time, so there are two movies which have to be stitched together into one. Sony provides a software program which will do this, if everything works right. Problem is Windows is seldom working right. All of a sudden the program will not display any videos at all. There was an update availabe so I started to do the update. It got to installing the update and up pops an error message that it can't continue due to an msi. file. I uninstall the entire program and download the latest version. It gets to 99% installed and quits again due to an msi. file. Windows is, without a doubt, the most useless fragment of fecal material on the face of planet earth. It is high maintenance, You have to have anti-virus, adware remover, malware remover, register cleaner, defrag program. The update process is horriffic.It takes a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes to boot, it freezes up, and if you are doing something that shouldn't be interrupted, here comes a third party program wanting to update. It even does it while playing games. I'm running into the same problems with Windows 8.1 that I had with Windows 3.0. Thirty years and it's still a piece of crap. My main OS is Mint Linux. I only use windows for games and the Sony camera. Linux boots up, and is ready to use in around 20 seconds. Never locks up, do the updates and keep on trucking, no reboot or nothing. It does EVERYTHING faster than windows, and is more secure. It's even easier to use than windows,with all their tiles and those stupid little things that pop out of the side of the screen if you get too close. I welcome the day when Windows is an unpleasant memory here on earth.