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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Windows 10 update.

I have three desktops, and one laptop, that I use fairly frequently. The main one has an AMD 8120, 8 core processor, 8 gig DDR3, 1 meg video card, and a 500 gig HD. It runs Linux Mint 17.2, Peppermint Linux 5, and win 7. I got a notice that windows was ready to install the update to win 10. On the first reboot it booted into GRUB rescue, so it took about eight commands,using Mint Linux to get it back up, and booting. Installation continued and finished in about 2.5 hours. The second machine has an AMD 8350, eight core processor, 16 gig DDR3, 2 meg video card, a 640 gig HD, and a 500 gig HD. It runs win 8.1, Linux Mint 17.2, Peppermint Linux 4, and PCLOS. The update came in for win 10 and it installed without a hitch, and only took about 1.5 hours. Yesterday, Aug. 7. the notice came in to my laptop, so I started the update. It got to 30% and rebooted, and froze. I gave it ten minutes before doing a hard reset. When it booted up again it started where it left off and made it to 40% and froze up again. Did another hard reset and it started the install again, but it never made it off 40%, and froze up again. I did another hard reset, and this time it came up and said it was reverting back to the original version, and the update had failed. After it had finished and win 7 was running I checked the updates. There was an optional update for the printer so I ran that one. Update failed. Checked the error code and finally got it rectified, and ran the printer update again, and this time it took it. But, on the reboot, a message popped up and said the update program was broken. I tried the update to win 10 and it failed again at 40%. The laptop has an AMD quad core processor with 8 gig of ram, and a 640 gig HD, It runs Linux Mint 17.2, PCLOS Full Monty, and win 7. I guess I'm lucky to have 2 of them update, as my expectations from Microsoft is very low. I know windows is going to mess up, I just don't know when. Windows being a high maintenance OS, it requires a lot of attention. Anti Virus, adware remover, malware remover, registry cleaner, disk defragmenter,, and even with all that you will still have problems. I only use windows for games. The grandkids, and the great grandkids like to play games, and the main gripe I have is the you can be playing a game and all of a sudden the game has jumped to the taskbar, and a third party program has a popup message to update. a REAL OS would not let this happen. Even if you are doing something that should not be interrupted, it will happen. Boot time on windows is slow, starting applications is slow, the update system is a disaster, security is non-existent.