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Friday, March 28, 2008

My mom went home.

My mom went home March 17, 2008. She had fulfilled her allotted time on earth, and God took her back to be with Him. The good news is I will see her again one day. About a week before she passed away I had called her and she asked if there was any way I could record her testimony, over the phone. I told her I could anytime. I was talking to her a few days before she went home and she was anxious to get it done as quickly as possible. I set everything up and told her to start talking. It was recorded on tape and transferred to a computer, and then converted to an MP3 and put on a CD. I have listened to it several times. We used to talk every week and I guess it will be a while before I can get over the void that has been left. She was in a nursing home in Savanna, Illinois and was buried in Marion, Illinois. The funeral was held at Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in Dogwalk. My nephew, Pastor Troy Green, of Emporia, Virginia conducted the service. As he stood up to start the service someone's phone rang and played, "When The Saints Go Marching In". Troy said that was very appropriate.