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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have downloaded Chrome-OS, and installed it on a 16 gig USB drive, on an HP 1115 Mini netbook. They say it will boot in 7 seconds, and they are about right. Takes about 7 seconds to get to the log-in screen, and around 10 seconds to see the desktop. Fastest boot time I have ever seen on a computer, and I have tried most of the minimalist Linux distros. The only problem I have had is with it not connecting to a wireless network, and there is no shutdown button. Everything about it is very fast, apps opening in seconds, going from web page to web page. It is unlike any typical operating system I have ever used, but since everything is done in the cloud, it makes for a great experience. Be glad when the final version arrives. It should make Microsoft shiver, since the netbook sales are going through the roof, and most of them have XP pre-installed. It should bring down the cost of netbooks also, since you have to pay Microsoft for their software, and it will be more secure than anything Microsoft has to offer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our church fixin to be ripped apart.

It seems there is an elite group that wants to revise our church's bylaws, and constitution. They want to replace deacons with elders, and require every member to sign a covenant in order to be a member. I am assuming that every current member will be relieved of their membership until they sign this covenant, and if they refuse to sign then their membership will be terminated. I'm not sure where this came from, or who instituted this action, but it is reminiscent of our government trying to force health care reform on the American citizen, whether they want it or not. We were supposed to vote on this change in, I think, August, before the bylaws and constitution were even completed. They tried to rush it through without the members knowing what it would contain. Thanks to one member who took the initiative to warn a lot of the members what these documents contained. There was an immediate uproar and the vote was re-scheduled, so changes could be made. We have already lost some members, and I personally know of a lot of members who are not going to sign this covenant in its present form. The covenant contains a lot of language that is not biblical, and you have to make a lot of promises that no earthly being can uphold. I believe it to be a legalistic document, made by man, for man, and will add nothing to the worship of our one, true, living God. There is a video posted on blogger .com which shows those in opposition as members who are against God, and think our church leaders are from outer space planning to control the earth, by starting with these documents. We are all a bunch of hillbilly rednecks who need to be led around like sheep. Link to the bylaws:
Link to the video: