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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have downloaded Chrome-OS, and installed it on a 16 gig USB drive, on an HP 1115 Mini netbook. They say it will boot in 7 seconds, and they are about right. Takes about 7 seconds to get to the log-in screen, and around 10 seconds to see the desktop. Fastest boot time I have ever seen on a computer, and I have tried most of the minimalist Linux distros. The only problem I have had is with it not connecting to a wireless network, and there is no shutdown button. Everything about it is very fast, apps opening in seconds, going from web page to web page. It is unlike any typical operating system I have ever used, but since everything is done in the cloud, it makes for a great experience. Be glad when the final version arrives. It should make Microsoft shiver, since the netbook sales are going through the roof, and most of them have XP pre-installed. It should bring down the cost of netbooks also, since you have to pay Microsoft for their software, and it will be more secure than anything Microsoft has to offer.

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