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Monday, April 14, 2008

New laptop

I bought a new Toshiba laptop Friday, April 4,'08. It is an intel dual processor, 2gig ram, 200 gig SATA hard drive, 128 meg video memory. It came with VIRUS, I mean VISTA, but that was gone in 2 days. I downloaded PCLinuxOS 2008 Gnome and wiped windoze completely. It runs much faster with Linux, uses less resources, and has a better 3D desktop than the aero interface. It found all the exotic hardware, set it up, and is running happily along. I tried to get the salesman to remove VISTA and sell it without an OS, but he said he couldn't because they were locked in with Micro$oft, had a contract with the devil. It's a shame you are forced to pay for an OS you don't intend to use, and it also counts as a sale for windoze, even though it isn't running windoze now. News has come out that VISTA is less secure than XP, of course the company says the opposite. Vista also comes loaded with DRM, which controls how you can use it, and how you can't. I can use my Linux OS any way I want, I have the option of re-mastering the distro to personalize it, give it away to both my friends, install it on as many computers as I care,make as many copies as I want, and not have to worry that it is NOT reporting back to the company, or sending any info concerning my use of the system.

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