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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Linux on Intel MID

Looks like Mandriva Linux is the first distro to appear on Intel's new Mobile devices. Here is the link Not sure how these devices will appeal to the public, they are smaller than laptops, but larger than PDA's & the pocket pc's. I would think the college student would be more interested than the average man on the street, or even a high schooler. Don't know if Microsoft has a platform for these units yet, but assume they do. Given Microsoft's design and security problems Linux would be a better choice for students. Linux isn't hacker proof, but it is much harder to break in, and not being integrated, like MS, information is more secure. I ran a Linux server, in my house, for three years and never had a problem with hackers, had a lot of tries, but no one made it onto my unit. It ran 24/7 with no problems, only time it went down was when we had a power outage. I doubt a windows server could do that.