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Friday, September 7, 2007

Fry's bad experience.

I went over to Fry's this morning to check on a AMD64, 5600, dual core processor w/motherboard. I got there early and the lady behind the counter was a manager. I told her what I wanted and she started the process on the computer. A lady customer walked up and the manager asked her what she needed. She dropped me and waited on the lady. I walked off and came back later, hoping there would be someone else there, but no luck. I told her how rude that was and she mumbled something under her breath. I will continue to shop Fry's, but I won't let her wait on me again, and I will tell her why, if she inquires. This was at the Plano store, #33.


Anonymous said...

I went over to buy a hard drive and found a shelf full of 320 gig SATA's. Sign on the shelf said $69.00, and when the cashier rang it up I asked her if it rang up $69.00, she said no. Told her of the sign, we walked back to shelf, she saw sign and removed it. I asked to speak to manager and he said tough luck, someone forgot to pull sign. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

Anonymous said...

The store manager called today and apologized for the poor customer service, from the lady department head. He also said their policy was not to honor sales, of items, if the sign had not been removed. He said the end of sale date took precedence over someone forgetting to take down the sign. When I informed him that I had filed a complaint with the BBB he said he would make an exception this time and issue a check for the price difference. I'll believe it when I see the check.

oldator said...

COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.

Consumer Info: Business Info: Fry's Electronics - Plano
700 E Plano Pkwy
THE COLONY, TX 75056 Plano, TX 75074-6723
214 291-6059

Location Involved: (Same as above)

Consumer's Original Complaint :
I went to Fry's to purchase a hard drive, for a computer. They had a shelf full of 320 gb, SATA drives. The sale sign advertised the price as $69.00. When the cashier scanned it I asked if it scanned $69.00 and she said no it was $109.00. I told her the sign said $69.00. She walked back with me and I showed her the sign and brought her attention to the matching numbers. She said the sale ended yesterday and removed the sign. We went to the customer service area and she explained the situation to a Mr. Warren and he said I was out of luck. I paid the $109.00 and left. It was not my fault they forgot to pull sale signs. If the sign is still displayed, then the item is still advertised at the sign price. This incident occurred on September 12, 2007. I filled out a form and sent it to their headquarters, but have not gotten any response.
DesiredSettlementID: Refund
Product_Or_Service: Computer hard drive.
Purchase_Price: 109.00

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
I would like the $40.00 or a gift card in that amount.

BBB Processing

09/27/2007 web BBB Case Received by BBB
09/28/2007 GAP BBB Case Reviewed by BBB
09/28/2007 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer
09/28/2007 Otto EMAIL Notify Business of Dispute
10/05/2007 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : I apologized to Mr. ********* about the situation. I informed Mr. ********* that the ad for that item had expired, but that I would make a one time exception and issue a low price guarantee for the difference in what the amount was on the sign and what he paid for the hard drive. He thanked me and said that would be acceptable. The invoice# for the Low price guarantee that was refunded to Mr. ********* is Inv#4******.
Paul *****
Assistant Store Manager
Frys Electronics
Plano, TX
10/08/2007 DUST EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer
10/09/2007 WEB BBB DISPUTE RESOLVED- WITH LETTER : (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

oldator said...

Friday, October 13, I received a check for the difference from Fry's home office. This is the first time I've ever had to contact the BBB, on this type of complaint. Most stores will sell the item, at the signed price, then remove the sign. Apparently Fry's thinks they don't have to do the right thing, and this says a lot about their morals.