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Monday, July 17, 2017

Update win 10 from win 7.

Two days ago I downloaded and updated win 7 to win 10. The only reason I did was due to reports of how good win 10 had gotten. This was done on an AMD 8120, 8 core processor, 12 gig DDR3, 1 gig Nvidia, video card, and a Samsung 250 gig SSD. Process was very slow, in the 3 hour range to complete. during the install many updates were installed. After completing, I had to restart the computer. This is where the problems started. The new install would not complete a restart. Monitor blanked out, but the computer kept running. I gave it about 7 minutes and hit the button to turn it off. On the reboot, I was surprised at the speed it took to load win 10. Time was around 15 seconds. I've never had any version of windows boot that fast. Next problem was no internet. I might add that later on when I hit the shutdown link the screen showed the message, Do Not Turn Off Your Computer, as though it was downloading updates. But, how can this be when the internet isn't working? After about 20 minutes it said restarting, but of course it won't restart, so I had to manually shut it off. I checked to see if the adapter was found and it said it was operating normally. I downloaded the adapter's driver for win 10, on another computer. Installed it on the new install, but it made no difference. Got on another computer and Googled the problem, and apparently it is a widespread problem with my Realtek adapter.Looks like Microsoft failed to check their update out to make sure it worked. Typical. Found a lot of suggestions to try, but none of them worked. So, I now have a hard drive with an operating system on it which I am unable to use, because of all the errors. No internet connection, unable to shut it down, and unable to restart.These are the only problems I have found so far, but knowing Microsoft this is probably the tip of the iceberg. Looks like I will be better off reverting back to win 7. Thank God I don't have to depend on windows. I only use it for games for the grandkids and great grandkids. Linux Mint is my primary operating system, because it just works. No problems, and no surprises. Windows is unstable, unreliable, insecure, and extremely high maintenance. You MUST have antivirus, defragger, registry cleaner, spyware remover, adware remover, malware remover, and even with all that you can still get a virus, adware, malware, and many other problems. I just tried to uninstall the internet adapter from the system, and it started, but 10 minutes later it was still trying, and failing. There are two adapters listed and neither of them can be uninstalled, and it won't update the driver. First time I logged in to this partition today there was an internet connection, and it downloaded some updates, so it appears this is a problem with Windows 10. I have several drives connected to this computer and the internet works fine on everything but windows 10. Only solution I can see now is to restore win 7, or just delete windows from the drive, which will probably be the wiser solution. This ordeal has only reinforced my conclusion about the windows OS. It truly is a USELESS.....FRAGMENT OF FECAL MATERIAL. That can be paraphrased. Ran into another problem on my main computer, with win 10. This computer has an AMD 8350, 8 core processor, 16 gig DDR3, 2 gig video card, 500 gig HD, and a 750 watt power supply. It was built in 2014. I let it update to the creator's update, and again it was a VERY slow install. After it installed, and configured the update for the first time, it got to 30%, and rebooted. Started doing the second part of configuring and it got to 73% and the screen went black for about 20 seconds, then to blue with a message that a critical error had occurred. Rebooted and got nothing. Windows had self destructed. Deleted the windows partition and installed Ubuntu. I now have only one computer left with a Windows 10 partition, and I only use it for Quicken and the internet is disabled, so as to avoid ANY updates. You would think that Microsoft would have made an improvement to their sorry OS, but they appear to keep getting worse and worse. This is, without a doubt, the most useless operating system I have ever used. Thank God for Linux.

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