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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Windows 8.1

Booted into Win 7 to check for updates last week, and lo and behold it had crapped out on me, after only 3 months. Would not boot, so I left it until Tuesday, May 13. I had picked up a copy of Win 8.1, since I had heard it was better than Win 8. I had planned on replacing Win 7 if it was truly trashed. I only use it for games so it isn't a big loss. Just for the heck of it I put in the Win 7 disk and tried the repair option, and it actually fixed it. This is the first time I've ever had repair do it's job. Anyhow, I figured I would go ahead and install Win 8.1 on the same hard drive. I have Peppermint Linux on a 128 gig SSD, and win 7, and win8.1 on a 500 gig regular HD. After the install I upgraded Peppermint to Peppermint 4, 64 bit. Rebooted to check out Win 8.1, and guess what? The Win 8.1 partition would not boot. I put in the disk and ran repair, but it said the partition was locked, and I would have to unlock it. I spent the rest of Tuesday, and most of Wednesday looking for answers, and nothing worked. So, it looks like I am going to have to delete the Win 8.1 partition, and install a Linux distro. I don't know what Microsoft has done to Win 8.1, but I'm not going to put up with this useless fragment of fecal material. I use Linux for all my work, email, and internet, as I don't trust Microsoft mail, IE,plus Linux is faster, safer, more secure, and easier to use. I do a lot of video processing which is why I built this machine. It has an MSI mobo, AMD 8120 8 core processor, 8 gig of DDR3, one gig Nvidia graphics card, HP wireless printer, 128 gig Samsung SSD, and a 500 gig HD. Peppermint 4 is on the SSD and boots up in 6 seconds. Guess I'll see if anyone at work wants the Win 8.1 disks. If Microsoft ever starts building vacuum cleaners, that will be the only product they have that don't suck.

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