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Friday, May 6, 2011

Win 7 experience.

I replaced my motherboard, and processor today. Went with an MSI mobo, 64 bit, AMD quad core, 3.0 ghz, processor, 600 watt power supply, and 16 gigs of memory. This computer has a 500 gig HD in it, and I had 5 OS's on it. PCLOS Linux, Win XP, Kubuntu, Peppermint One, and Linux Mint 10. I deleted all partitions but XP, and PCLOS. Starting the 64 bit win 7 install at 14:15 hours. It is now 19:45 hours and I'm am getting updates for this POS. Took 5 tries to install. Locked up on me 3 times, and this was going to be my last shot. Remembered why I kicked this Useless Fragment Of Fecal Material off my computer in 2001. That was the year I found Linux. Linux is SO FAR ahead of Microsoft, it isn't funny. Apparently it was having problems with my Nvidia 8400 video card. Of course windows doesn't like sharing with Linux, so the MBR only has windows on it. I will put in a live CD of PCLOS, and redo the MBR, and it will add PCLOS back to the menu. Grub will replace the NTLDR. At the first sign of problems windows will be removed, and I have a 16 pound sledge hammer that will fix it up nicely.

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