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Monday, November 8, 2010

November 7 church service.

I had a co-worker and his wife as guests for church and Sunday School. They are looking for a new church, and were considering our church, until they heard the pastor's "sermon". His "sermon" consisted of reprimanding the people who voted no on the new constitution and by-laws. I apologized to them for his actions, which I considered very immature. He also accused them of secret meetings to encourage a no vote. As I understand it this is a complete fabrication. Had I not had visitors I would have walked out of this service, as it did little to glorify our Savior. I will be praying very hard for our pastor. This "sermon" was very unchristian, and divisive, not uniting.

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oldator said...

I attended 2 meetings, at a church member's home. The purpose of the meetings was to decide who was going to speak, and on what portions of the document. We had only 2 minutes, per person, with a 20 minute time limit, for all discussion. All of the people there had already decided to vote no. There was no ,"politickin", to get people to vote no, as was charged. I attend church to hear the word of God, taught by a leader who has been trained for that purpose. I do not expect to be attacked, and falsely accused. We were told we were wolves in sheep's clothing. Perhaps that could also be said of the individual behind the pulpit. It seems to be all about control, and if my memory serves me correctly, Jim Jones, and David Koresh, were like this also. You do everything I say, because I know what is best for you. I refuse to follow blindly. I will let God lead me in this matter, regardless of where it leads. Him I will follow blindly, but no human.