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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Health care reform

Our president refuses to listen to the people of this country. The majority has rejected his health care plan with abortions, public option, rationing, death panels, and raping social security. What is it going to take to make this dude understand that the people run this country, not some foreigner from Indonesia. In a recent speech, he accused the insurance companies of rationing care, which is another of his lies. His ego is out of control, he has no management experience, no military experience,(except for his trip to Pakistan, where he may have undergone training from al quaida), very little government experience, and yet he thinks he is able to run a country. He will turn America into a third world nation, if allowed to continue on this dangerous path. God help us if he rams this health care bill down our throats. I don't believe the government has the authority to force anyone to buy insurance, and they cannot fine , or send to jail, anyone who chooses not to buy a plan. This is dictatorship, and will result in an armed revolution against our own government.
Maybe that is the only way to make this fool understand that he is not king of the world.

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