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Monday, January 14, 2008


Whats up with Microsoft's updates? I use XP for games, but make sure to keep it updated for the latest security patches, with it being a "swiss cheese" OS. After the last update my start page will come up with no icons, and no taskbar. Have to do a reboot. BSOD's are more common, and I get a message that windows explorer has encountered a problem and must close. Never had any of these problems before the last update. Computer is about 6 months old and does get a lot of use, but I could run 98SE for about a year before doing a format and re-install. Looks like I may have to do it with XP after 6 months. start up and shut down have slowed to a crawl and a lot of applications take a long time to open. My Linux partition is the same age and it is still as fast as the day it was installed. Of course I realize we are comparing apples and oranges here, a quality OS against a Microsoft product.

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